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Pools & Cues & Spas, Too has been the Central Massachusetts expert in Cue Repairs and Services since 1993. We offer a wide array of services to bring your Cue back to life!

Simply bring your Cue into our store during business hours and we’ll ensure it gets the treatment it needs. Most Cue work will be completed within 5 days of drop-off. See the below list of what services we offer!

Expert Services to Elevate Your Game

  • Tip Replacement $22.00 + cost of tip of choice
  • Tip & Resurfacing / Wax Special $34.00 + cost of tip of choice
  • Shaft Cleaning / Wax $25.00
  • Shaft Resurfacing / Wax $30.00
  • Butt Clean / Wax $12.00
  • Ferrule & Tip Replacement $50.00 + cost of tip of choice

    Includes Cleaning / Resurfacing / Wax.

    We Do Not Clean/Resurface/Taper, Replace Ferrules or Replace Glue-On Tips on 1 pc. Cues. We recommend installing slip-on tips.

  • 1 pc. Cue Slip-On Tip Replacement $3.00 per cue

    Includes cost of the slip-on tip.

We DO NOT perform the following repairs & services in-house. Contact us for more information on any of these repairs & services:

Hassle-Free Service Process

Don’t have time to stop by? No problem, you can ship your cue directly to us! Simply ship your cue to the address below and include a note that tells us what you want done, your name, and your phone number. After we’ve received your cue, we’ll give you a call and charge your credit card at that time.

*Please note that you are responsible for all shipping costs, including when you send it to us and the cost of shipping it back


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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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