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Cabana 3500S Suite


Monthly Payments: $49/month


5 Person Hot Tub

80" x 80" x 34"
Seats : 5 Adults
Open Seating
35 Jets
Easy Kleen/Convex2 Filtration
314 gal
436 lbs. Dry


About the Cabana 3500S Suite Hot Tub

Now you can have it all… and more. The Cabana 3500S Suite brings you the year-round dream vacation that you keep in your own backyard. Inside you’ll enjoy the perfectly formed lounge and guest seats, soft contoured head rests, entertainment table and built-in cooler compartment. All you need, all the time. This 5 person hot tub has 35 adjustable jets that target shoulders, back muscles and feet for a massaging hydrotherapy experience. Enjoy the comfort pillow headrests to enhance your relaxation. For entertaining or unwinding, the Fountain with Back-lit LED Light and 8 exterior cabinet lights allow you to set the perfect mood.

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Features of the Cabana 3500S Suite Hot Tub

Weather Shield Cover
Keep your spa perfectly protected with a thermal cover. This cover will help to retain heat and keep out dirt and debris, providing you with peace of mind that your spa installation is safe, even when you’re not around.
Built with durability and longevity in mind, each spa is equipped with a tough thermal plastic that creates a solid unibody construction that’s guaranteed to provide you with a lasting experience. Designed to not rot, split, crack peel or rust, you’ll never have to worry about your hot tub warping due to the exposure of water and moisture.
LED Footwell Light
Illuminate the footwell area of your spa to increase the safety and aesthetic of your next soak. Adjust as needed to benefit your wants and needs. With LED technology, you can look forward to a long-lasting and affordable approach to spa illumination.
LED Cabinet Lights
Perimeter lighting can help to illuminate the exterior of your hot tub at night. By improving the visibility of your hot tub, you can enjoy an experience that is safe and visually appealing. LED lighting is chosen specifically for the long-lasting and affordable qualities.
Fountain Backlit LED Light Water Feature
This backlit LED fountain waterfall is the perfect addition to any spa experience. The sounds of trickling water can help you to relax, while the gentle illumination contributes to the atmosphere and ambiance. Complete with LED technology, you can look forward to long-lasting and cost-effective lighting solutions.
Folding Table and Cooler
Entertaining friends is convenient and fun with the built-in folding table and deep-pocket cooler. Enjoy food and drink with ease, maximizing the functional space in your backyard spa installation.
Foam Barrier
The shell and cabinet panels are crafted with input materials that are 100% recycled. The full-foam barrier and insulation can help to retain and better regulate heat, keeping your utility costs low and maintaining the quality of your spa system.
Everlast Comfort Pillows
Crafted with durability and longevity in mind, these pillows can help to create a more comfortable spa experience. The ergonomic design helps to provide your head and neck with support, allowing your shoulders and upper back to completely relax while in the spa.
Exterior LED Corner Lights
Add ambiance and create a safer spa installation with exterior LED corner lights. These corner lights illuminate your spa and help improve visibility, helping to improve overall function and operation once the sun goes down.
Digital Control Systems
Operate your spa with ease. The digital control panel makes controlling and monitoring your spa a simple process. Adjust the temperature, turn the jets on or off, dim the lights, or change the music.
Adjustable Stainless Steel Jets
Enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience with adjustable stainless steel jets that are strategically placed and expertly designed. Customize your hydrotherapy experience by positioning each jet to target your most stress-prone muscles.

Optional Features of the Cabana 3500S Suite Hot Tub

Weather Shield Umbrella
Add shade and protection to your hot tub installation with a weather shield umbrella. Build with durable and weather-resistant materials, this umbrella can provide you with years of use and enjoyment.

The SmartTub® System

Control Your Cabana 3500S Suite Hot Tub from Anywhere

Connect to your hot tub via a mobile device to monitor and control your spa from afar, only with the SmartTub® System.

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