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Comfort 2300L


MSRP: $5,499

Monthly Payments: $49/month


5-6 person hot tub

82" x 82" x 32"
Seats : 6 Adults
Lounge Seating
23 Jets
Easy Kleen Ozone
240 gal
326 lbs. Dry


About the Comfort 2300L Hot Tub

Designed for optimal comfort and exceptional quality, our Comfort Collection is perfect for families. It boasts deep water stream back channels that provide unparalleled relaxation. Additionally, you can indulge in the LED back-lit water fountain and the LED illuminated footwell.

This hot tub, ideal for 5-6 people, features 23 adjustable jets that specifically target your shoulders, back muscles, and feet, offering a soothing hydrotherapy experience. Enhancing your comfort are the headrests with comfort pillows. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply unwinding, the Fountain with Back-lit LED Light and 8 exterior corner lights allow you to create the perfect ambiance.

Crafted from durable and lightweight materials, this spa is available in four color combinations of Syncrylic™ diamond body colors, along with complementary cabinet panels and trim, ensuring a seamless blend with any outdoor or patio setting. Syncrylic™ is a specially formulated material that is both lighter and more durable than standard acrylic. It combines the beautiful appearance of acrylic with the tough, impact-resistant qualities of polyethylene.

The Digital Controls allow you to easily adjust the temperature, jet speed, and lighting scheme according to your preference. The spa is powered by a 2 HPR pump***. The Weather Shield Cover, lighter than traditional vinyl covers, provides excellent insulation to retain heat, keep debris out, and protect your spa with peace of mind. Each spa comes with cover seal strap latch clamps for added security. Experience the ultimate in relaxation, entertainment, and family enjoyment with the elegant Comfort 2300L.

Features of the Comfort 2300L Hot Tub

Weather Shield Cover
Keep your spa perfectly protected with a thermal cover. This cover will help to retain heat and keep out dirt and debris, providing you with peace of mind that your spa installation is safe, even when you’re not around.
LED Lit Air Controls
Control the illumination of your hot tub with ease. The LED air controls allow you to adjust the lighting to meet your needs and personal preferences. With LED technology, you can enjoy a cost-effective and long-lasting experience.
Foam Barrier
The shell and cabinet panels are crafted with input materials that are 100% recycled. The full-foam barrier and insulation can help to retain and better regulate heat, keeping your utility costs low and maintaining the quality of your spa system.
Easy Kleen/Convex2 Filtration
This innovative Convex2 Filtration system keeps your spa water clean, safe and enjoyable. The Easy Kleen System features a drain valve that is not only easy to access, but also makes draining and refilling your hot tub a simple process. Clean the shell with ease and wash away the rest.

The SmartTub® System

Control Your Comfort 2300L Hot Tub from Anywhere

Connect to your hot tub via a mobile device to monitor and control your spa from afar, only with the SmartTub® System.

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