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Extend Your Pool Season

The AquaCal®️ heat pump pool heaters are the result of over 35 years of continued innovation in energy efficient technology. They design, test and manufacture the most efficient, economical heat pumps you can buy.

Over 100,000 pool owners across America have discovered the difference of AquaCal®️ heaters, bringing their enjoyment to new heights each time they dive into their pool’s warm water. These pool heaters deliver steady heat and have a remarkable range of temperature options to precisely match the needs based on your changing needs throughout the swimming season. With virtually no harmful emissions and an energy-efficient design, updating your pool with an AquaCal®️ heat pump is a no-brainer! At Pools & Cues & Spas, Too, our experts are here to help you find the right model to best match your needs.

Uses “Free Heat” From the Air to Heat Your Swimming Pool

(The only cost is to operate the compressor and fan motor to allow you to take the free heat from the air)


Smart Facts To Consider When Making Your Pool Heating Decision

Sure, we’re proud to offer AquaCal®️ pool heaters and all the advanced technology they include – the innovative titanium heat exchangers, for example – but the one thing we’re most proud of is the endless enjoyment and happy memories these heaters bring to families across the country, year after year!


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Continuous Improvement: Fueled by Pride and Innovation

Every AquaCal®️ heat pump incorporates engineering advancements cultivated over 35 years together with their desire to build a technologically advanced, reliable product that delivers on its promises of value, low operating costs, and superior performance.

Over 100,000 of AquaCal®️ owners agree that a heated pool is a better pool – and that an AquaCal®️ heat pump is a better pool heater. So do many of the finest pool dealers in America.